Plants vs Zombies
EA is offering 10 hours of free play for "Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2." Electronic Arts

Been wanting to try “Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2” but never gotten the chance to decide if it’s worth the buy? Electronic Arts is helping fans decide by giving them a few hours to take the game for a spin.

EA has announced over the official “Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2” website that the next two weeks will allow players to access the game for 10 full hours. The full game can now be downloaded via the Xbox One, PS4 or PC through Origin.

Since the download is for the full game, players can explore Suburbia, become aggressive plants in all the modes including Herbal Assault Mode or defend against plants in the 4-player co-op mode Graveyard Ops.

Even Backyard Battleground, which is an interactive environment that features all of the maps and modes is accessible. The 10 hours is not a continuous experience, so as long as the player closes the game to take a rest, the 10 hours will only run when the player is on the game.

If the 10-hour ride with “Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2” interests players to avail of the game, all of the progress made during the 10 hours will be carried over, including the Player Loyalty Rewards, which are linked with the ranks of players.

Ten seems to be the magic number for PopCap’s popular shooter title. Its current mobile game, “Plants vs. Zombies: It’s About Time” has also recently received an update from the App Store.

Update 4.7.1 has introduced Birthdayz hat as the franchise celebrates its seventh birthday. Because of this, the developer has announced 10 days of Piñata Party surprises. This will be held from May 3 to 12, as announced via the App Store page.

The update also includes eight zombies dressed to impress with their Birthdayz best. There will also be some new time-limited costumes for plants offered during the Piñata Parties. Finally, the stakes are brought up for the rewards at the end of the events, as Gems are guaranteed with every win this time.

The most recent level for “Plants vs. Zombies: It’s About Time” is still Modern Day. This is the most challenging stage to date, as it combines all of the different zombies from the past time periods with an extra surprise of time rips in the space continuum.

"Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2" trailer (Credit: YouTube/Plants vs. Zombies)