A guest photographs as he pours milk on his cereal at the Kellogg's NYC cafe in Midtown Manhattan in New York City, U.S., June 29, 2016. Reuters/Brendan McDermid

Australian doctors have slammed celebrity chef Pete Evans for proposing a paleo diet to an osteoporosis suffer that doctors believe could be potentially damaging. Evans advised the sufferer to remove dairy from his diet. Queensland obstetrics and gynaecology specialist Brad Robinson, furious at Evans’ advice, reminded him he is a chef, not a doctor.

The paleo diet advocate held a Q&A session earlier in August where an osteoporosis sufferer asked whether the paleo diet could help her in any way. Evans, much to the surprise of doctors, replied that he should remove dairy from her diet and follow the paleo diet as calcium from dairy may remove calcium from bones.

He even added that most doctors are not aware of that. Evans’ comments sparked outrage among doctors and Robinson, in a Facebook post, said that Evans “is not someone who magically knows things that the sum of total generations of medical research has determined.”

“Dear Pete Evans, I presume you have forgotten (silly you!) so please allow me to remind you. You are a chef, NOT a doctor ... You do not have access to information that we uneducated doctors do not. Your astounding advice about osteoporosis would be amusing if it wasn't so potentially damaging to anyone at risk who actually believed you,” Robinson wrote.

He also slammed Evans’ another advice to an anti-cholesterol medication user to stop using the meds saying that it could be potentially deadly. Ceasing anti-cholesterol medication may lead to an increased risk of stroke and heart attack, writes the ABC.

The scathing post by Robinson has already received 10,000 Facebook likes and more than a 1,000 shares.

The Paleo diet is based on fruits, vegetables, proteins, seeds, nuts and meat but excludes processed foods, grains and dairy.

It’s not the first time Evans has been criticised for his advice to followers. Earlier he was slammed by cancer specialists for his remarks on sunscreen.