Eva Green
IN PHOTO: Cast member Eva Green poses at the premiere of "300: Rise of an Empire" in Hollywood, California March 4, 2014. The movie opens in the U.S. on March 7. REUTERS

Known for her role as Vanessa Ives, Eva Green is scheduled to reprise her role in Showtime's British American horror series, "Penny Dreadful." After struggling for demonic possession, the show's enigmatic heroin concluded Season 1 with a weight on her shoulder after the vampirism and death of Mina Murray (Olivia Llewellyn).

"Vanessa's possession following intimacy with Dorian Gray (Reeve Carney) proved that her emotions seem to be directly tied to her more supernatural inclinations, and so the death of Mina during the season one finale could just have a bigger impact during the program's second season than fans might think," according to Enstarz.

"Penny Dreadful" Season 1 ended with Sir Malcolm (Timothy Dalton) making a huge decision as he have to make a choice between Vanessa and Mina. Now that she lost her bestfriend and confidant, Vanessa is seeing her curse as a blessing as she face new challenges and old enemies for the upcoming season.

A much bigger season than Season 1, "Penny Dreadful" returns with new antagonists and new friends who will bring more conflicts for the show's lead stars. Based on the show's new trailer, the main characters' past will continue to haunt them as they try to fight the evil supernatural forces in Victorian London.

"Penny Dreadful" Season 2 also features Vanessa and Ethan (Josh Harnett) forming a deeper bond as they try to confront their own demons. With Vanessa fighting two demons, both real and figurative, Ethan will draw more attention thanks to his werewolf side and will turn to Vanessa for help.

Meanwhile, the returning supporting for Season 2 includes Helen McCrory as Madam Kali and Simon Beale as Egyptologist Ferdinand Lyle. "American Horror Story: Coven" star Patti LuPone will join the ensemble cast as part of Vanessa's past and she will be as someone of "great importance."

Other guest stars include Douglas Hodge as a Scotland Yard investigator, Johnny Beaucamp as a man with a singular past and Sarah Greene as Hecate, Poole's daughter. "Penny Dreadful" Season 2 is set to return to Showtime this year but still no definite date for its premiere. Watch the short "Penny Dreadful" Season 2 teaser courtesy of "Penny Dreadful."

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