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The countdown for "Penny Dreadful" Season 2 premiere is on with the show's new terrifying trailer featuring Vanessa Ives (Eva Green) drawing a red lobster out of blood. The highly anticipated season is set to premiere on Showtime in April where fans are expected to see witches to join the wide array of otherworldly characters, from Dracula to the ageless Dorian Grey.

Series creator John Logan revealed on Monday, Jan. 12, during his interview at the winter TV press tour that the show will have a new villain in Madame Kali (Helen McCrory). Also known as Evelyn Poole, a seductive spiritualist, Madame Kali will be a threat to the show's heroes as she will have her own point of view and "sees what she's doing as the right thing."

Logan also revealed that the focus of Season 2 is completely different from its previous season as "last season they were the hunters, and now they're the hunted." "Penny Dreadful" Season 2 boils down to the expansion of McCrory's character as featured in the show's trailer as she bathes in a bathtub full of blood.

"This season, we embrace witchcraft," according to the Oscar-nominated writer based on his interview with Deadline. "I don't believe in villains and heroes. You think Evelyn is a villain, but she's more of an antagonist. She has a noble calling even though it runs counter to Sir Malcolm's. She might think she's on the side of the angels, even though she's on the side of the devils."

Actor Josh Hartnett, who plays werewolf Ethan Chandler, revealed that Season 2 features the darkest periods in England's history with the Industrial Revolution affecting the people's mortality and understanding of culture. With so many things happening for Season 2, "Penny Dreadful" fans will be treated with frightening sets and new characters.

Additional guest stars include Johnny Beauchamp as a man with singular past, Douglas Hodge as a Scotland Yard investigator and Sarah Green as Hecate, Poole's daughter. "Penny Dreadful" Season 2 premiere is scheduled on April 26, Sunday, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Check out the full trailer courtesy of "Penny Dreadful."

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