A boy has been arrested by the Parramatta Police while on his way to the Arthur Phillip High School, the same campus attended by the student who opened fire at a man at Parramatta’s police headquarters last week

Officers have reported that the teenager had allegedly threatened them when he was interrogated on his way to school. According to ABC, police said they were interrogating the student with regard his threatening posts on Facebook. However, the teenager claimed he was arrested because he was recording the interrogation using his mobile device.

Following the Parramatta shooting, the teenager posted on Facebook, “Serves you right I hope them lil piggies get shot.” He added, “Merryland [sic] police station is next hope they all burn in hell,” threatening the Western Sydney police where a video of Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione addressing the public about the Parramatta shooting was also posted.

On Tuesday morning, the police searched his belongings and took him to the Parramatta Police Station handcuffed. Police also inspected his mobile phone, reported ABC.

The news of the arrest comes after it was revealed that teen Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar, who shot at the Parramatta police headquarters, was directed by a group of radicals, indicating that he wasn’t a “lone wolf’’ killer.

Classes at the Arthur Phillip High School have resumed Tuesday morning after last week’s fatal shooting. Counselling services are also being provided by the NSW Department of Education to all teachers and students. On Monday, NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Nick Kaldas said that parents must make efforts to keep kids away from getting radicalised by violent influences.

Prominent Muslim community leader Dr Jamal Rifi has praised the present government for making great efforts to combat terrorism. Meanwhile, Premier Mike Baird has promised to find the terrorists who had helped Farhad launch such a brazen attack against the police.

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