Police are pictured in a park near North Cronulla Surf Club in southern suburb of Sydney December 13, 2005. More than 450 policemen, four times the usual number, will patrol Sydney's streets on Tuesday to prevent a third night of racial violence by youth gangs who have attacked people, smashed cars and hurled rocks at police. Officials also said the state parliament of New South Wales (NSW) was being called into emergency session on Thursday to give police special powers to "lockdown" parts of Sydney, Australia's biggest city, to stop the unrest. Reuters/Will Burgess

NSW Police have confirmed that a white station wagon that was seized on Sept. 16 is being forensically investigated to find a lead into the disappearance of William Tyrrell. The car was taken from a property in Wauchope, located to the north of Kendall, and is believed to have belonged to Anthony "Tony" Jones, a 59-year-old man who was sentenced to three years of imprisonment after assaulting a young child.

Earlier in the month, police had requested the drivers of two cars to come forward and help in the investigation. These two cars were found parked opposite William’s grandmother’s house the day he went missing.

The cars were first noticed by William’s mother, since they were parked on the street in an unusual manner with their side windows down.

"We've got the general description of the vehicles, one's a white station wagon, the other is an older-style greyish sedan," Detective Inspector Gary Jubelin told television programme 60 Minutes. "What makes us suspicious of these particular vehicles is they weren't parked in a driveway, they were parked between driveways. There's no logical reason why they would park in the way they were.”

He also said that the police is not suggesting that any of those cars have played a role in William’s disappearance, but it is necessary to be certain about that for the sake of the investigation.

A spokesman for NSW police confirmed that the white station wagon was seized and investigations are underway.

"Earlier this month, detectives from Strike Force Rosann seized a white Toyota station wagon from a property a Wauchope," the spokesman told the Sydney Morning Herald. "The vehicle is undergoing forensic examination as part of the investigation into missing toddler William Tyrrell."

William’s case was referred to the Coroner earlier this month but police said that they haven’t yet lost hope on finding the toddler.

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