Police talk with a local man during a patrol at North Cronulla Beach in Sydney December 13, 2005. More than 450 policemen, four times the usual number, will patrol Sydney's streets on Tuesday to prevent a third night of racial violence by youth gangs who have attacked people, smashed cars and hurled rocks at police. Officials also said the state parliament of New South Wales (NSW) was being called into emergency session on Thursday to give police special powers to "lockdown" parts of Sydney, Australia's biggest city, to stop the unrest. Reuters/Will Burgess

New South Wales Police on Monday released an audio recording of a triple 0 call that missing child William Tyrell’s mother had made. The mother of the three-year-old was heard saying in the recording that her son was “roaring around the garden” at his grandmother’s house before he went missing. The police are trying to identify the vehicles that was parked outside his grandmother’s house the day he went missing.

"It's the call no parent would ever want to make — calling triple-0 and reporting your child missing," Detective Inspector Gary Jubelin was quoted by the ABC News as saying. "Put yourself in the shoes of William's mum. If you know anything, you must come forward."

Jubelin said that the recording was released to arouse a moral conscience among people who might have some information that could help trace the little boy. The mother gave a detailed description of her son’s appearance over the call and said that the family was looking for him for about 15 minutes when she made the call.

Two cars parked outside the boy’s grandmother’s house the day he went missing have raised suspicion among the police. An old white station wagon and a dark grey old model medium size sedan had been were found parked near the house in a striking arrangement.

"The circumstances in which those cars were found — one parked behind the other with their windows down — raised our suspicions in that they were parked between the driveways [on the street]," Jubelin said. "There seemed to be absolutely no purpose as to why they would be parked in that manner. You're looking at a semi-rural area, and it was a dead-end street. To attend out there, there would have to be a reason."

According to Jubelin, the spot where the car was reportedly parked offered a clear view of William’s grandmother’s garden. Detectives are also trying to identify two other vehicles that was spotted travelling on Benaroon Drive around the time when the child was last seen.

William Tyrell went missing from September last year while he was playing in the garden of his grandmother’s house in Kendall, NSW. His disappearance was noticed within a few minutes and since then the NSW police have been trying to find some clues that would lead them to the missing child. Jubelin said that since the child’s disappearance the family has been going through a living nightmare.

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