Mos Def
Mos Def performs with the Preservation hall Jazz Band during Gulf Aid benefit concert at Mardi Gras World in New Orleans, Louisiana on May 16, 2010. The concert will benefit supporting wetlands/coastal environmental issues & the well-being of fishermen, and the regional seafood industry. REUTERS/Sean Gardner

Soulfest has cancelled all Australian acts without explanation. The local stage was cut from the line-up at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne on Sunday, with the organisers only claiming that there were “operation and logistic issues.”

Aussie acts Nathaniel, Miracle and Ngaiire were among those scheduled to perform, but the local stage was axed shortly before festival-goers were allowed to go in the venue.

“Due to a combination of operational and logistical issues – the local stage will not be operating today. All local artists will not be appearing. We apologise to our local artists and the punters for this inconvenience,” a message on its Facebook page was posted on Sunday.

The issues were not specified, and some people thought that it meant the organisers simply prioritised international acts over the local artists.

“Should be putting locals on main stage, giving them a chance to shine. They are the real heroes. Probably doing it for nothing as well,” Facebook user Joel Colombo wrote.

“This is absolutely terrible,” Katie Lou added. “So glad I didn’t waste my money on a ticket. Very disappointing. There is such amazing talen in Australia and they’re not being heard. My thoughts are with the Aussie artists.”

Wow. Soulfest in Melbourne axed ALL local acts due to perform today at last minute due to "operational and logistical issues"? Poor form

— cameron adams (@cameron_adams) October 19, 2014

The local acts were in already in Melbourne when they were informed of the development.

“Hey Melbourne. Sorry we can’t make tonight’s Soulfest  We got to Melbourne and then literally had to turn right around due to the festival’s own issues,” Ngaiire wrote on Facebook.

M-Phazes, on the other hand, didn’t seem to get the memo on time. He appeared excited by his show in the festival, only to be surely disappointed in the end.

Ticketholders in Melbourne were given option to ask for a refund before entering the venue, though publicist Petrina Convey claimed that no one took on that offer.

“The majority of the local acts were side of stage havin a ball singing every song,” Convey told about how the local artists took their cancellation at the last minute.

“The promoters ended up delivering every international act on stage last night which is one f the biggest soul line ups in the world ever (53 Grammy nominations between them), every person there had an absolute ball.”

The local stage will be up in Brisbane next week, though. It was also operational on Saturday in Sydney, which had a different problem on its own. Headliner Mos Def failed to show up in the Sydney venue after missing his flight. He was able to attend Melbourne in time, though. Also, many punters complained that the Sydney venue was plagued with sound problems.