A behind the scenes picture of Sam Heughan (Jamie) for the sets of Starz TV series "Outlander." Outlander/ Facebook

A team from the “Outlander” TV series will be heading to the New York Comic Con, set to be held in October. This will be the debut appearance of the team from the show at this event. The producers and the cast are expected to tease season 4 details there. Meanwhile, showrunner Ronald D. Moore has explained in a recent interview how they make the show each year.

The team from the Starz TV series will be skipping the convention at San Diego this time around. According to the announcement online [see below] the cast members who will be appearing at the event are Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser), Caitriona Balfe (Claire Randall Fraser), Sophie Skelton (Brianna Randall Fraser), and Richard Rankin (Roger Wakefield).

It is not clear who among the producers will be attending the event. A post by Co-executive Producer Maril Davis [see below] suggests that she may be one of the participants.

Full details about the schedule of their participation will be announced soon. A typical schedule will include a panel discussion followed by fan interaction at the autograph signing. The team may talk about season 4, and since most of the filming of the show has already been completed; the fans can expect to see a trailer at the event.

Meanwhile, Moore talked about adapting the TV series from the books written by Diana Gabaldon. In an interview with Goldderby, the producer explained that the first thing they do is get a team of researchers and assistants help break down a book, chapter by chapter and then scene by scene.

The team at the writer’s room puts the major plot of the book on a big white board and then they try to fit the story into a 13-hour long season. This is the time they have to decide what scenes go into the show, what needs to be moved to another season, and what needs to be cut or condensed.

Credit: Outlander/ Twitter