“Outlander” cast members Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe appeared in a new video, answering questions posed by fans. The questions ranged from hypothetical scenarios to asking the cast members to impersonate each other.

The first question was a scenario where both Heughan (Jamie) and Balfe (Claire) are contestants in the TV series “Survivor.” A fan asked who would be the first to get voted out of the show, between the two cast members.

Heughan was quick to say that Balfe would be voted out “straight away.” He explained that Balfe was an “alpha female” and would get voted out because she would be a “stiff competition” to the other contestants. Balfe agreed with her fellow cast member.

Another fan asked what would happen if all the whisky they drink on the set for the show was real. Heughan felt that it would result in some better acting. Balfe demonstrated how they would be saying their lines if they had too much to drink on the set of “Outlander” TV series.

The cast members were then asked to do their best impression of each other, both their characters and themselves. Heughan did an impression of the character Claire, while Balfe did an impression of Heughan in real life.

The video was a follow up of a previously released Q&A session of the two actors. The questions in the first video were about the set, such as why the horses like Balfe more and how the cast and crew deal with the Scottish weather. One of the fans even managed to give Heughan her phone number via her Twitter handle. The actor liked the clever idea and jokingly kept the card with the phone number in his pocket.

Heughan and Balfe are currently busy filming their scenes for “Outlander” Season 2. The next season is set to premiere on April 9th. Jamie and Claire will be seen in France in the next season, where they will try and stop the Jacobite Rebellion.

Credit: YouTube/ Starz

Credit: YouTube/ Starz