'Once Upon a Time'
Cast member Larra Parrilla poses during a photocall for the TV series "Once Upon A Time" at the 52nd Monte Carlo Television Festival in Monaco June 12, 2012. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

New details about “Once Upon a Time” Season 5 episode 12 have surfaced online. The episode is said to be Regina-centric as the heroes travel to the underworld and meet familiar characters.

[Spoiler alert]

The heroes will find that the underworld is very similar to Storybrooke. Regina’s (Lana Parrilla) mother Cora (Barbara Hershey) will be the Mayor of the town and the two characters will have an emotional reunion in the next episode.

According to a report by TV Line, the mid-season premier will have a “most powerful and emotional cold opens ever, doing justice to storylines past and present.” The episode is said to be Regina-centric, with the focus of her current challenges in the underworld as well as flashback scenes.

One of the flashback scenes of Regina is apparently about a past birthday, in which a “surprising someone sets out to gift-wrap for the Evil Queen the only thing she desires.” While in the underworld, Mayor Cora will set a “rather grim ground rule.”

The episode will also mark the return of a character who was seen in the pilot episode of the show. The return of the character is said to be for comedic effect.

The main mission of the heroes in “Once Upon a Time” Season 5 episode 12 is to rescue Hook (Colin O’Donoghue). “Freshly deceased Hook has seen better days,” the report teased about the character.

One of the very first characters they will encounter in the underworld is Hades (Greg Germann). Hades is described as a “pampered overlord” and Germann is said to be having a “good time” playing the role.

The menu in the underworld is decided by the Blind Witch (Emma Caulfield). The heroes will be offered gingerbread and children by the character.

Towards the end of “Once Upon a Time” Season 5 episode 12, “one character will experience an extreme reversal of fortune,” the report teased. There will also be a “sweet moment” between Henry (Jared Gilmore) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison).