Richard Rankin
Actor Richard Rankin who plays the role of Roger Wakefield in Starz TV series "Outlander." Facebook/Outlander

“Outlander” season 4 is big for Roger (Richard Rankin) and Brianna (Sophie Skelton). The two characters have been slowly making their presence felt on the show, and their love story will come into focus this year. In a recent interview, Rankin shared some insights about what the fans can expect to see from his character.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, a video of which has been posted on Facebook, Rankin spoke about his character from the production set of the TV series. The actor can be seen in a pub set of colonial America.

Rankin said that there is an evolution to his character that is “exploding” in the next season. Skelton apparently also described her character’s journey in a similar way, and Rankin showed some mock anger at his co-star for “copying” him. The actor later said that the fact that he said the same thing as Skelton shows how in tune he is with her character.

One of the more fun scenes in the next season related to Roger and Bree is the Scottish festival in America. Rankin said that this scene was “great” since they had a lot of stalls, shops, popcorn stands, and large flaming stacks.

During the Scottish festival, Roger gets a little romantic and sings for Brianna. Rankin said that he was given one song to practice for this scene, and he drove everyone on the production set nuts by practicing it all the time. The other exciting thing to look forward to on the show is Rankin wearing a kilt.

Rankin also appears to have teased a sex scene between Roger and Brianna. The actor first joked about the intimate scene being Bree feeding his character chips, but on a more serious note said that he and Skelton have a lot of trust in each other to do intimate scenes.