Richard Rankin
Actor Richard Rankin who plays the role of Roger Wakefield in Starz TV series "Outlander." Facebook/Outlander

Roger Wakefield may be a relatively serious character on “Outlander” season 3, but Richard Rankin is a jovial person on set. The actor’s jokes and pranks, however, tend to annoy Sophie Skelton (Brianna).

The romance of Roger and Brianna has been unfolding slowly on the show. With the romance staying mostly in the background even in this season, the two characters had to film some highly emotional scenes together. In an interview with, Skelton teasingly complained about how her fellow cast member likes to joke around in between takes, even at times when they are supposed to film serious scenes.

“Sometimes you’re trying to do a particularly emotional scene where Claire is leaving Brianna possible for the rest of her life and Brianna is breaking down in tears and Richard Rankin is prodding your back and whispering jokes in your ear. One moment of seriousness, please?” Skelton said.

Even when it comes to scenes of Roger and Brianna, Rankin doesn’t let up. For instance, when there was a kissing scene between the characters, Rankin decided to eat tuna and lobster just to annoy Skelton.

Rankin finds eating tuna and lobster before a kissing scene hilarious, and believes that it makes the scene more interesting. The actor pointed out that everyone else was doing “normal kisses.”

Skelton, on the other hand, is not happy about the challenges Rankin is posing on set. She warned all actresses who will be working with Rankin what they would endure during these scenes.

There will be more evolution in the relationship between Roger and Brianna in “Outlander” season 3 now that they have shared a kiss. Rankin said he is excited to “sculpt” his character from a “mild-mannered historian” to a “wildly different place” as a character.