Sam Heughan
a still from "Outlander" season 3 os Starz starring Sam Heughan as Jamie. Facebook/ Starz

A preview video of “Outlander” season 3 episode 4 has been released online. Jamie (Sam Heughan) faces new challenges in his new home as he’s reluctantly pulled into the intrigue of the aristocratic family he serves. Meanwhile, Claire (Caitriona Balfe) finds a big clue in her research.

Jamie is supposed to be tending the horses in the aristocratic house where Lord John Grey (David Berry) left him. However, things won’t be smooth for the Highlander after a spoiled young lady takes a fancy on him. The Scotsman will be forced to go to this lady’s room one night.

According to the synopsis of the episode, Jamie will be pulled into the intrigue of the noble British family. The preview video (see below) shows that a baby is involved, and the lord of the house is not happy about it. Things become intense when pistols are drawn in the house.

A sneak peek of next episode posted on YouTube shows the kind of challenges Jamie and the other servants of the house will face. The biggest challenge, and one that everyone is reluctant to take up, is the question of who accompanies the young lady of the house while she goes horse riding. The men draw straws to choose the person for this task. On the bright side, the spoiled lady’s sister seems to be a little more sensible.

Meanwhile, Claire finds a big clue about where Jamie was taken after the Battle of Culloden. However, with each step she takes towards finding the whereabouts of the love of her life, Brianna (Sophie Skelton) is concerned about losing her mother.

Readers should note that it was only after Claire talked about Jamie that the mother-daughter finally began to bond. For many years Claire had been living in her own world, and now that Brianna has finally started to connect with her mother, she’s afraid of losing her.

Credit: Starz/ YouTube