A new video has been released online, showing the producers of “Outlander” talking about episode 3. The producers revealed why they chose “All Debts Paid” as the title, the casting of David Berry as Lord John Grey and other behind-the-scenes elements.

Co-executive producer and writer Matthew B. Roberts said in the video (see below) that they chose the title “All Debts Paid” because in a way, the episode showed some of the main characters paying off their debts for the deals they made long ago. For Frank (Tobias Menzies), the deal with Claire (Caitriona Balfe) was that he would raise their daughter together. Meanwhile, Jamie (Sam Heughan) paid his debt to society for being a Jacobite by going to prison. The reward for going to prison, according to Roberts, was the Highlander meeting Lord John Grey.

Co-executive producer and writer Toni Graphia also spoke about casting Berry for this role. She said the Aussie actor had the right combination of good looks, and they felt he could carry the role of a son of an aristocrat. Roberts added that Berry was such a good actor that all producers involved in the casting immediately agreed he was the right choice, which is a rare thing.

As far as Claire is concerned, she’s free from her debts after the death of Frank. The producers explained that they decided not to show the car accident as it was more important to show Claire’s reaction to the passing of her husband rather than the accident itself.

On his last day on the set of “Outlander” season 3, Menzies was filming the bedroom scene. The crew members led him into the hall, where LED lights where lit up for him. He got hugs from all the cast and crew members, Roberts said. The producers hinted at the possibility of the actor’s return in the future.

Credit: Starz/ YouTube