David Berry
A picture of actor David Berry, cast as Lord John Grey in Starz TV series "Outlander." Outlander/ Facebook

“Outlander” season 3 episode 3 introduced the much-awaited character Lord John Grey (David Berry). The scenes of the British officer with Jamie (Sam Heughan) were the highlight of the episode, and the two actors won high praise for their performance. A few behind-the-scenes pictures have also been shared online.

The scenes of Jamie and Lord John may have been intense, but the actors certainly had fun while filming. Heughan shared a picture of him with his fellow cast member (see below). The actors enjoyed a drink together while taking a break from filming. The picture appears to be from the final shot of the characters, in which they part ways with a promise from the British officer of regular visits.

There were multiple interactions of Jamie and Lord John during the time the Highlander was a prisoner at Ardsmuir Prison. Author Diana Gabaldon, whose books the TV series is based on, also prasied the actors for their performance. “They were both amazing--textbook illustration of power coming from restraint,” Gabaldon said (see below).

Co-executive producer Maril Davis also praised Heughan’s performance, particularly in the scene where he talks about Claire (Caitriona Balfe). Davis also complimented Berry for his performance. Even though she knew the scenes in the episode beforehand, she couldn’t stop from choking up in the scene where Lord John reached for Jamie’s hand.

While Heughan and Berry gave excellent performances, Balfe was also able to hold her own. Davis praised the actress for being “brilliant” in her scenes. His favourite line from Claire in this episode is "That amount of time doesn't exist."

Episode 3 was written by Matthew B. Roberts. Responding to a comment by a fan online, the writer/producer joked that he was aiming for a tear every seven minutes in this episode.

Credit: Sam Heughan/ Twitter

Credit: Outlander/ Instagram