Sam Heughan
Scottish actor Sam Heughan from the TV series "Outlander" poses during a photocall at the 55th Monte Carlo Television Festival in Monaco June 14, 2015. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

In the recent episode of “Outlander” Season 2 Jamie had some words of advice for Jenny’s baby daughter. But, most of the fans may not have understood what the Scotsman was saying, as he was speaking in Gaelic. A translation of the dialogue has now surfaced online, to help fans relive the tender moment.

[Spoiler alert]

Amid scenes of rape, challenges in relationships and the coming war, a scene of Jamie (Sam Heughan) sitting with a baby in his hands by a fire at night was a welcome distraction. In the scene, Claire (Caitriona Balfe) spied on her husband and was joined by Jenny (Laura Donnelly).

A translation of Jamie’s Gaelic words posted on Outlander Online reveals the advice he had for the baby. “…have a role to play, yer role, wee lass, is to grow strong and happy. Ne’re forget,” Jamie told the baby. “…yer family is all around ye, all the time, even when ye canna see us. Yer grandsire and grandmother, uncle Willie, me, Aunt Claire. We’re in the wood and the stone, and the sounds and smells of this place…”

Meanwhile, Balfe shared her favourite scene from “Outlander” Season 2 with Yahoo. Her favourite scene is the one where she requests Mother Hildegarde (Frances de la Tour) to show her the dead baby, so she wouldn’t have to imagine the baby’s face.

Balfe said that she “sobbed” when she read this scene in the script. Claire had the difficult duty of telling her husband about when and how she saw their dead baby and what it was like. The actress doesn’t consider herself to be a religious person, but being in that Cathedral she felt that she was tapping into the shared grief of so many women that was “in the bones” of the building. She pointed out that many women would have visited the Cathedral to share their grief or beg for peace or solace.

The dead baby in “Outlander” Season 2 looked very real and life like, Balfe said. The actress felt that she had a lot of responsibility to deliver in this particular scene.