A scene from the next episode of “Outlander” Season 2 has surfaced online. The scene shows Jamie practicing sword fight with Murtagh. Meanwhile, cast members Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan and Tobias Menzies appear in a new video to talk about the new season.

[Spoiler alert]

Jamie (Heughan) has not fully recovered from his wounds given to him by Jack Randall (Menzies). He was seen wearing his bandages to his arm in the premiere episode of the second season. But, that doesn’t mean that the Scottish warrior won’t push himself to see if his sword fighting skills have diminished.

A scene from the next episode posted on BuzzFeed, shows Jamie duelling with Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix). The Scottish warrior struggles at first, but Murtagh encourages him to keep at it. Jamie is using a lighter French blade, but is finding it difficult to grasp it.

Jamie manages to evade Murtagh’s attack finally, but has had enough practice for one day. The “Outlander” Season 2 episode 2 scene appears to be taking place in a garden and all the French men and women in the scene watch as the two engage in a fierce duel.

Meanwhile, a new video on YouTube shows cast members Balfe (Claire), Heughan and Menzies talking about the TV series. Balfe said that in this season the viewers will get see more of Claire’s emotional “inner life.” The biggest change for her is the pregnancy and that will affect her relationship with Jamie.

Heughan said that the pregnancy was a “huge turning point” for their relationship. The actor said that without getting into any spoiler territory it is safe to say that the pregnancy will affect their relationship.

Filming of “Outlander” Season 2 has wrapped and some of the cast members shared pictures from the set on the final day. Heughan said that he had “no idea” he was on the set of the show after a whirlwind promo tour that brought him to Australia and he travelled as far as Japan, Los Angeles and New York City.

Credit: Twitter/ Sam Heughan

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