Some people were apparently not comfortable with the breast milk scene in the first season of “Outlander” TV series. In a recent interview, cast member Caitriona Balfe revealed how the scene was cut in some of the countries and also talked about how the TV series has a balanced approach to relationships.

In an interview with Collider, Balfe (Claire) was asked if she was surprised by any of the reactions for the first season of the TV series. The actress said that some of the viewers were perhaps outraged about the breast milk scene. The scene may have been cut in Canada and other countries, the actress said.

Balfe may have been referring to the scene of her character and Jenny (Laura Donnelly) going out in search of Jamie (Sam Heughan). In the scene, Jenny asks that they take a break and starts to pump the milk out of her breast while they discuss how to rescue Jamie.

Balfe said that she was surprised at why the scene was cut from the first season of “Outlander” because nourishing a child is the main purpose of a woman’s breast. The actress found it difficult to understand why some people were shocked by this very natural act of a woman.

In another interview with The Canadian Press, Balfe pointed out that the TV series gives a very balanced view of relationships. The actress also said that the writers and the actors are constantly communicating and even though there are varied opinions, they are all in line with what they want to achieve for the show.

“Outlander” Season 2 has premiered with a strong viewership. Claire now finds herself in France, where she has to make new friends and take on new enemies as she and her husband Jamie try and stop the Jacobite rebellion.

Credit: YouTube/ Starz