“Outlander” Season 2 premiere episode started at an unexpected place and time. The first half of the episode was charged with highly emotional scenes, before taking the viewers back to some fun and romance in France.

[Spoiler alert]

The very first scene shows Claire (Caitriona Balfe) wishing she was dead and later frantically searching for something on the ground. Claire is in a lot of pain for leaving Jamie (Sam Heughan) and her life in 1700s Scotland behind. Balfe delivers another stunning performance, which can be gauged in the scene where her character finds out that the British won the Battle of Culloden.

The reunion of Claire with Frank (Tobias Menzies) is understandably awkward for the former. Frank on the other hand is just grateful that his wife has returned. Claire sees glimpses of Black Jack Randall in her first husband and her reaction baffles Frank.

Any man would want to know the details about where his wife had been when she goes missing for two years and suddenly turns up. Frank, however, is a gentleman and gives Claire the space and time she needs. Claire meanwhile is busy reading up on Battle of Culloden to find hints about Jamie.

For those who were waiting to see all the bright new costumes of “Outlander” Season 2, producer Ronald. D. Moore makes everyone wait. The first half of the episode only explores the relationship between Frank and Claire.

Claire finally tells Frank everything one night and her tale takes all night. Frank is only interested in moving forward, but when she reveals that she is pregnant; Frank has a flash of happiness before realising that it was someone else’s child.

The episode reveals that it is actually Frank who is incapable of having any children and when he finds out about Jamie’s child he storms out in a fit of rage. Despite everything, the couple decide to move forward, with Frank setting a few conditions.

Frank has been offered a job at Harvard and wants to take Claire away with him. He asks that they raise the child as their own and not discuss Jamie with the child. He also asks Claire to stop reading up history books to find references about Jamie.

When the couple reach the US, the scene of Frank taking Claire’s hand beautifully transforms into Jamie welcoming his wife in France. Claire convinces Jamie that the only way to save the lives of thousands of Scotsmen is to stop the Battle of Culloden.

Jamie and Claire meet with the former’s cousin and convince him that they want to contribute to the Jacobite Rebellion. Jamie’ cousin is looking for a trust worthy man who can look after his wine business while he is away and he entrusts the job along with his house to Jamie.

With all the good things in France, there is also danger. The Frasers make their first big enemy in the premiere episode of “Outlander” Season 2. Claire notices that a sick man being brought from a ship has smallpox and tells people what she finds. The ship belongs to Comte St. Germain (Stanley Weber) and according to law; the ship and its cargo need to be burned. St. Germain promises that the Frasers will pay for the losses he incurred.