The Battle of Culloden has finally arrived in the “Outlander” Season 2 finale. A preview video of the episode shows how the Frasers deal with the situation. The video also teases Dougal catching a “traitor.”

[Spoiler alert]

The finale episode is 90 minutes long. The preview episode shows Jamie (Sam Heughan) telling Claire (Caitriona Balfe) that the Battle of Culloden is on that very day. The Frasers already know the outcome of the battle, and for some reason, Jamie wants to send his wife back to the future.

Claire is reluctant to leave her husband. But, the premiere episode of the second season already revealed how she travels back to the future and gets reunited with Frank (Tobias Menzies).

Meanwhile, Dougal (Graham McTavish) secretly listens to the conversation between Jamie and Claire, and concludes that his nephew is a “traitor.” Dougal proceeds to attack him with his sword. He does not listen to the young Scotsman explaining that he has misunderstood the conversation.

The Frasers will once again be attacked by British soldiers in the “Outlander” Season 2 finale. The couple appears to reach the magical stones of Craigh na dun, which had brought Claire back in time in the first season.

According to the official synopsis of the finale, some part of the episode will take the viewers to 1968. In the flash-forward Claire will travel to Scotland with her twenty year old daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton) to Scotland. The protagonist will visit Lallybroch and Culloden Moor to make peace with her past.

Claire will tell her daughter about her travelling back in time, and about Jamie being Brianna’s true father. The duo will also meet Roger Wakefield (Richard Rankin), who will help them research the Randall family history. The two new characters will also become close in “Outlander” Season 2 while conducting their research.

Credit: YouTube/ Starz