A new video of the TV show "Outlander" features some of the cast members playing the game "This of That." The cast members candidly answered the questions posed. Another video features a day of Caitriona Balfe on the set.

When asked to play the game Caitriona protested by saying that she was a Libra and not good at taking decisions. The first question was to choose between the characters Black Jack and Jamie from "Outlander." Caitriona and Sam Heughan both chose Jamie while Tobias Menzies chose Black Jack.

The next question was little trickier: The cast members were asked to choose between Black Jack and Frank. Both the characters are played by Tobias Menzies in the TV show. Tobias and Sam chose Black Jack while Caitriona chose Frank. Caitriona plays the role Claire, the wife of Frank in the TV show.

On the question between cats and dogs, Caitriona and Sam chose cats while Tobias chose dogs. All three actors chose American football over basketball in answer to the next question. Caitriona and Sam consider themselves to be gullible while Tobias considers himself to be a sceptic.

The cast members had to choose between books and movies in the next question. All the cast members chose both books and movies. But when it was insisted that they had to pick one over the other, Sam and Tobias chose books while Caitriona still stuck to her stance of choosing both.

None of the cast members are shown answering the crucial question of time travel. The question was whether they prefer to time travel or stay home. The TV series "Outlander" has a major time travel element in its plot.

Another video shared by the producers shows Caitriona's day on the sets of "Outlander." The actress shared that she is usually picked up around 5 o'clock and gets her make-up done. She said that filming for the TV show was always interesting because they get to travel to different places and that her days are "varied."

The actress also shared how she and her fellow cast member Sam Heughan had fun while filming for "Outlander." She said that both of them would "descend into adolescence" and hit each other with things or do "stupid voices."

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Source - YouTube/ Starz

Source - YouTube/ Starz

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