The cast and crew of “Outlander” TV series are preparing to celebrate Halloween. Many of them, however, will have to celebrate while working for Season 3. Filming of Block 2 has been completed already, and the team is now preparing for Block 3.

Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) and Caitriona Balfe (Claire) had an interesting exchange on Twitter about Halloween. It all started with crew member Jessica Bergeault thanking Co-executive Producer Anne Kenney for the scoop of ice-cream that everyone in the team got.

Credit: Twitter/ Jessica Bergeault

Reacting to the picture of the ice-cream, Heughan sheared a few emoticons to express how much he loved the treat. The tweet got a quick response from Balfe, who wondered why none of the ice-cream made it to her set and called her fellow cast member “greedy.”

Heughan decided to poke fun at Balfe by saying the ice-cream was only for the “main unit” “where the art is made” and not for the “B team,” which Balfe is apparently a part of. The actor teased his fellow cast member by saying that he had a couple of scoops of extra ice-cream for her.

The filming of “Outlander” Season 3 appears to be handled by two teams. After the events of the previous season, Jamie and Claire will be seen apart in the first few episodes next year. Kenney spent her last day on the set with her team for the current season, so there was ice-cream for everyone there.

The two main cast members, however, could meet up for Halloween. In a tweet, Heughan asked if Balfe could dress as an Irish chocolate squirrel.

Not everyone will be celebrating Halloween. Co-Executive Producer Matthew B. Roberts will be busy working on the show. He teased that he will dress up as “Printer and Bookseller,” hinting at a major scene for “Outlander” Season 3.