Oscars 2016
Actor Leonardo DiCaprio holds his award for Best Actor in the "The Revenant" as he arrives at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills, California February 28, 2016. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Now that the Oscars 2016 has concluded, it's time we look at some of the moments that were hard to be missed.

Best: Chris Rock was undoubtedly the star of the 88th Academy Awards. He had perhaps the best reply possible for the #OscarsSoWhite criticism that made rounds quite recently. He took the criticism head-on and gave viewers some amazing funny moments. The musical performances were also well thought out and astonishing.

Rocks’ opening monologue was probably the best performance of the Oscars 2016. The Oscars were kind of lucky to have him as host as he was exceptionally funny and smart and made grave moments light. Rock, in his second stint as host, did an amazing job balancing the #OscarsSoWhite controversy while also being humorous.

However, Rock made sure that Hollywood’s diversity problem wasn’t going to be swept under the rug. His blistering monologue actually made past ceremonies look stuffy, writes New York Post.

Worst: Stacey Dash’s Black History Month line fell totally flat and the silence was most uncomfortable. Probably she was “Clueless” about the reaction her line would incite. She wished everybody a “Happy Black History Month!” Her surprise appearance as the "new director of our minority outreach program" was in reference to her controversial comments on Fox News, wherein she suggested that Americans should abolish Black History Month and the Black Entertainment Television (BET) cable channel.

Best: Lady Gaga’s performance was highly appreciated. She performed her Oscar-nominated song “Til It Happens to You” after US Vice President Joe Biden urged Hollywood to "change the culture" on campus sexual assault. It was definitely one of the most stunning performances of the night. According to Billboard, Gaga’s performance raised the emotional bar to the next level when the curtains were raised behind her, which revealed a sea of sexual assault survivors standing in solidarity.

Worst: No one knows why The Weekend was limited to a single verse. It was quite a performance with female violin players and an aerialist soaring above. But the viewers were kept wanting more.

Best: Dave Grohl’s In Memoriam performance was beautifully orchestrated. Grohl played an understated version of The Beatles' “Blackbird,” a perfect backdrop to the emotions triggered for the talents lost this year.

Worst: Sam Smith, along with Jimmy Napes, had the best original song win for "Writing's on the Wall" from “Spectre.” He messed up his speech, though, when he said he read an article from Sir Ian McKellen that said no openly gay person has won an Oscar. Although Smith could not verify the claim, he still dedicated his win to the LGBT community around the world.

Unfortunately, he misquoted McKellen. What the "Lord of the Rings" star told the Guardian in January was that no openly gay actor has ever won an Oscar. In 1994, Elton John won for the song “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” from “Lion King.”

“Two's my lucky number, so it's all good,” Smith said in an attempt to save face after he was informed of the mistake.

Worst: Although “Mad Max: Fury Road” tore through the categories for the first hour, it failed to win the major titles and the biggest trophies.

Best: Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscars 2016 speech is perhaps the best moment of the night. Instead of exclaiming his happiness over his first Oscar win, as viewers expected him to, he used his time on stage to shed light on an important issue. As fans and celebrities alike said, it was a selfless move. It was his time to shine, but he used the opportunity to share the limelight with climate change.