The Mikaelson family currently deals with the threat of the prophecy and their first sired vampires called “The Trinity” in the first part of “The Originals” Season 3. The latest spoiler reports tease that the viewers will meet another vampire from the Original family’s past when the CW TV series returns from its winter hiatus in January 2016.

Spoiler Alert: This feature contains major “The Originals” Season 3 spoilers.

TVLine’s Ask Ausiello spoiler report has revealed that there will be a new vampire character in the second-half episodes of “The Originals” Season 3. The report further noted down that the fans should be on the lookout because the new “The Originals” character named Cortez will add to the trouble that the Mikaelson family is already facing with Lucien Castle (Andrew Lees), Tristan de Martel (Oliver Ackland) and Tristan’s sister, Aurora de Martel (Rebecca Breeds).

In the mid-season finale episode, Aurora has declared war with Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) when she killed the Original vampire-werewolf hybrid’s love interest Cami O’Connell (Leah Pipes) while asleep. As for Lucien and Tristan, the first sired vampires are working together in their plan of locking away the Mikaelson siblings to prevent the prophecy from happening.

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The prophecy has revealed that the Mikaelson family will fall one by friend, one by foe and one by family. If Klaus and his siblings Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) die, all of the vampires that they have created will also die with them.

The mid-season finale episode also concluded with Tristan targeting Vincent Griffith (Yusuf Gatewood), the new Regent of the witch community in New Orleans, to activate the cursed device that can detain the powerful Original family. The conflict of the Mikaelson family with the first sired vampires will continue in the second-half episodes of “The Originals” Season 3 in addition to the threat of Cortez’s arrival.

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The spoiler report further describes the new vampire character as “callous, smart and manipulative with little regard for human life.” The third season of CW’s supernatural TV series is scheduled to return with episode 10 titled “Ghost of the Mississippi” on Jan. 29, 2016 at 9/8c.

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