Mikael Akerfeldt is known for belting out some really heavy and progressive songs with his band Opeth. In an interview with Total Guitar, the frontman talked about his fall on the stage during the Roundhouse Concert in London.

Akerfeldt is known for playing in one position and focus on his guitar playing. However, this one time he decided to jump on the stage. During a part in a song, he decided to "rock out" and have fun.

"I was going to jump up on the drum riser and then jump off and have the song finish when you land - the classic Pete Townshend type of thing," Akerfeldt said to Total Guitar.

He added that when he was running towards the drum riser, he had strobes in his eyes and he misjudged the distance. Unfortunately, he could not get all the way up and fell straight into the drum kit. In the process, Akerfeldt hurt himself pretty bad. He said he was aware of the entire incident and "looked like a fool."

"You have a tendency - maybe it's a human thing - you make a f**king a** of yourself and you want to pretend it didn't happen. You want to get back on your feet and act like it didn't happen. And I did that. And I am ashamed of that. Why couldn't I have just acted like, 'Oh my God, how embarrassing.' I was hurting," the singer and guitar player added.

After the mishap on the stage, one of the tuning machines of his guitar came out. However, the band continued to finish the song. The song was in its last bit and during the same show, "the bass player did the same thing."

Opeth is Mikael Akerfeldt (guitarist, vocals), Martin Mendez (bassist), Fredrik Akesson (guitarist), Martin Axenrot (drummer) and Joakim Svalberg (Keys, vocals).

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