One-Month-Old Boy Plays With Cobras

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(IN PHOTO) A Thai Navy instructor demonstrates to U.S. Marines how to catch a cobra during a jungle survival exercise as part of the "Cobra Gold 2013" joint military exercise, at a military base in Chon Buri province February 20, 2013. About 13,000 soldiers from seven countries, Thailand, U.S., Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia are participating in the 11-day military exercise. Reuters

Being a snake catcher for the last 40 years, Ravinder, an Indian man from Jaipur, is familiar with the slithering creature. But he admitted being surprised to seeing that his one-month-old baby is comfortable and unharmed by the cobras.

A video published by the New York Post showed the infant even playing with the cobra and other snakes. The creatures even serve as some sort of nanny for the baby.

According to Ravinder, there are days when the baby cries all day but he would stop when the snakes come near him. “He was mesmerized by them … It was bizarre, he immediately felt better and he’s happily play with the snakes,” Ravinder says.

This early, the baby seems to want to follow the footsteps of his father whose life revolves around snakes. It would not be difficult because Jaipur, located in the Indian state of Rajasthan, is known for snakes and snake charmers. called the baby the youngest snake charmer in the world and compares the video of his slumber to a scene in the Disney movie Jungle Book in which Mowgli, the man-cub, makes friends with Kaa, the python, and avoids several attempts by the snake to get Mowgli under his spell so the python could eat him.

Cobras have venom, and a bite, if untreated, could kill a person. Experts recommend that when bitten by a cobra to first treat the wound with Betadine or any other antiseptic. Then slow the venom by placing a constricting band above and below the wound, but not too tight to cut off blood circulation. Bring the victim to a physician for anti-venom treatment.

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