'Once Upon a Time'
Cast member Larra Parrilla poses during a photocall for the TV series "Once Upon A Time" at the 52nd Monte Carlo Television Festival in Monaco June 12, 2012. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

Pictures from the production set of “Once Upon A Time” Season 6 have leaked, teasing an interaction between Evil Queen and Regina. Some of the other characters who are seen in the pictures include Hook and Count of Monte Cristo.

[Spoiler alert]

Pictures posted on YVR Shoots show Lana Parrilla in her dual role as Evil Queen and Regina. The Gulf of Georgia Cannery docks in Stevenston is standing in for the dock in Storybrooke. The pictures show the actress filming her scenes with the help of a stunt double.

The pictures indicate that the Evil Queen will make her way back into Storybrooke in the next season. The character will be seen in her trademark black clothes and hairstyle. Regina on the other hand can be seen wearing a business suit. A stunt double took on the role of the hero, as the camera focused on Parrilla.

Another set of pictures posted on YVR Shoots show the same scene from “Once Upon A Time” Season 6. This time, Parrilla is in the business suit while a stunt double takes on the role of the Evil Queen.

The pictures also give the fans a first glimpse of Craig Horner as the Count of Monte Cristo. The character appears to be involved in a sword fight with David (Josh Dallas). The new character may be a part of the Land of Untold Stories, and will be one of many who have entered Storybrooke along with Mr. Hyde (Sam Witwer).

Another set of pictures from “Once Upon A Time” Season 6 posted on YVR Shoots show Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Belle (Emile de Ravin). The last time viewers saw Belle she was under the sleeping curse, so it is not clear if she wakes up early in the next season or if there will be a dream sequence. Robert Carlyle (Mr. Gold) wasn’t spotted on the set.