'Once Upon a Time'
Cast member Larra Parrilla poses during a photocall for the TV series "Once Upon A Time" at the 52nd Monte Carlo Television Festival in Monaco June 12, 2012. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

An intense war between Regina and the Evil Queen is set to be featured in “Once Upon A Time” Season 6. In a recent interview, Producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz talked about the process behind introducing this storyline and what it will mean in the TV series.

[Spoiler alert]

After finding it difficult to control the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) within her, Regina drank Jekyll’s (Hank Harris) potion and split into two characters. Regina tried to kill her evil side, but the character only resurrected elsewhere and prepared to unleash her vengeance.

The Evil Queen is “very disappointed” with what Regina has become, Executive Producer Edward Kitsis told Entertainment Weekly. The villainous character will now work on what she started many years ago in the very first season, which is to end everyone’s happy ending.

“If she’s unleashed, she would show Regina what ripping away everyone’s happy ending truly looks like,” Kitsis said. Producer/writer Adam Horowitz teased that “Once Upon A Time” Season 6 will answer all the pertinent questions such as what it means to split different parts of a character, and whether one can truly split parts of oneself.

“That’s why we did the Jekyll and Hyde [Sam Witwer] story, which was, can you really eliminate the darkness inside you?” Kitsis said. He explained that the next season will also explore the question of whether splitting the evil inside oneself is the best way to deal with the problem.

Horowitz had previously announced that the premiere date of “Once Upon A Time” Season 6 is Sept. 25. The title of the episode has been revealed to be “The Savior,” and Horowitz teased one dialogue of Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) saying “We’ve got this.” The producer has also teased that the format will be a little different this year, and the Evil Queen arc may end by week 2 or week 22, to keep the fans guessing.

Credit: Twitter/ Adam Horowitz