'Once Upon a Time'
Actress Jennifer Morrison and actor Robert Carlyle who plays both Rumplestiltskin and Mr. Gold, on the new series "Once Upon A Time" speak during a panel session at the ABC Summer TCA Press Tour in Beverly Hills , California August 7, 2011. Reuters/Fred Prouser

More scenes from the premiere episode of “Once Upon A time” Season 6 have been released online. One of the videos shows the Temple of Morpheus and how it connects to the Rumple storyline.

[Spoiler alert]

Rumple (Robert Carlyle) gave away control of Storybrooke to Mr. Hyde (Sam Witwer) in the previous season in exchange for information on how to wake Belle (Emilie de Ravin) from the sleeping curse. A new clip from the premiere episode shows the villain giving Mr. Gold a map to the Temple of Morpheus, which will aid him in waking the love of his life.

The Temple of Morpheus is a place where people can enter the dreams of others. Rumple can be seen placing Belle on a marble bed and preparing to enter her dream. But, can he make her fall in love with him again to make the kiss work? Or is there another way for him to wake her?

While Rumple is away to find a way to wake Belle, Mr. Hyde will prepare to welcome his friends from the Land of Untold Stories. Another scene from the “Once Upon A Time” Season 6 premiere episode shows an airship entering Storybrooke, and the villain explains that it is the characters from his world coming in.

Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Regina (Lana Parrilla) attempt to stop Mr. Hyde by using their magic. However, they are not powerful enough to take on the villain. The airship will crash into the woods, and the heroes go to investigate it.

It is at the crash site of the airship that Regina will confront the Evil Queen in the premiere episode of “Once Upon A Time” Season 6. Another big storyline that will be introduced in the first episode is that of Aladdin (Deniz Akdeniz) and Jafar (Oded Fehr).

Credit: Facebook/ Once Upon A Time