Roby Rose fans know how much the actress is active on Instagram and Twitter. Recently, the actress shared on Instagram her “perfect kiss” photo of 2014 with American Sports Illustrated model and occasional actress Jessica White on “throwback Thursday.” In this photo Rose is seen pretending to lick White’s neck. The photo also appeared on White’s Instagram profile, which was captioned – “#tbt the perfect kiss on the neck. @rubyrose.”


#tbt the perfect kiss on the neck. @rubyrose _

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Rose has been linked to various high profile models and superstars. She recently broke up with her long-time girlfriend Phoebe Dahl and was linked to Halsey. It has also been thought that the star still loves Dahl and hence she shares emotional quotes on her social media accounts. Nevertheless, this recent #tbt with White has tickled the rumour buffs. Is there a connection again?

However, Rose’s DJ career is blossoming and TMZ recently reported her demands as a DJ and a bit of her recent earnings. The “Orange is the New Black” star, who has a hit TV show to boast of and three movies in the works, also has a mushrooming DJ career.

Rose pocketed close to US$30,000 (AU$43,000) for her Thursday night show at the Heat Ultra Lounge in the Orange County and received another US$5,000 (AU$7,000) for luxury incidentals that include including two SUVs not older than 2014.

Rose’s dressing room demands included popcorn, almonds, raw veggies, fresh fruit and sushi. Apart from that she needed 2 packs of Philosophy face wipes, 12 pack of Red Stripe, 3 bottles of hand sanitiser, fresh cut flowers and vanilla scented candles, 4 bottles of Suja juice, 12 bottles San Pellegrino sparkling water, 2 bottles of OJ, 6 non-alcoholic beers, 1 bottle Patron tequila and the most troublesome item to find -- 1 case Balance Travel Water. It took a promoter an entire day to find the last one, reported TMZ.

Rose is also very excited to shoot with one of her all time favourites, Ellen von Unwerth, a well-known photographer and director who specialises in erotic femininity. Rose considers this top secret.

Ruby Rose is playing a sniper in the upcoming Vin Diesel movie “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage” and is training hard for the film. The movie also stars “The Vampire Diaries” actress Nina Dobrev, Samuel L. Jackson and Indian actress Deepika Padukone.