Australian model and actress Ruby Rose is quite a diva now in the US, if the rider to her latest DJ gig is any basis. The 29-year-old “Orange is the New Black” actress played a set at the Heat Ultra Lounge in California on Thursday, taking home a cool US$30,000 (AU$43,000) for her effort.

TMZ has obtained the list of demands Rose included in her contract rider for the gig, which included a suite for herself at a five-star hotel and three additional rooms for her party. She also wanted two large SUVs, either a Cadillac Escalade or a BMW 7 series, both should be no older than 2014.

For her dressing room, Rose expected very specific items. These include three bottles of hand sanitiser, two packs of face wipes (Philosophy brand), fresh-cut flowers and vanilla-scented candles, six non-alcoholic beers, four bottles of organic juices (Suja brand), 12 bottles of sparking water (San Pellegrino brand), one bottle of tequila (Patron brand) and 12 packs of beer (Red Stripe brand). She also sent a promoter to track down one item in her list, namely one case of Balance Travel Water, which was so hard to find that it reportedly took the promoter an entire day to get it.

Although the list could be considered diva-ish by some, it is nowhere near outrageous compared to other celebrities. In fact, Rose’s demands appeared relatively tame.

Diva demands

According to the documents obtained by the Smoking Gun for the US leg of her 2011 world tour, American songstress Katy Perry not only had an extensive list of items in her rider, she also demanded a “Principle Driver Policy,” in which she enumerated specific orders for her hired vehicle driver. These orders included a no-contact rule, which stated the driver should not start a conversation with or talk to Perry. The driver must also not stare at the backseat through the rear-view mirror and not ask for autograph or pictures with the singer.

Justin Bieber also did not want staff talking to him. In his rider for his photoshoot in 2013, obtained by TMZ, he specified that staff members were banned on speaking to him. Also, ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez’s music should never be played while he was around.

Jennifer Lopez was reportedly very fond of the colour white. She apparently wanted only white flowers and candles, white furniture and white food in her dressing room.

Beyonce’s 2004 Super Bowl halftime show appearance also necessitated the usual detailed rider list, including dishes with specific instructions on how they were cooked, deli trays, beverages, flowers and candles. One eye-catching item in her rider, however, was the temperature in her dressing room. It should be at exactly 78 degrees.

British songstress Adele, on the other hand, wanted her dressing room maintained at 20 degrees Celsius during the North American leg of her “Adele 21” tour in 2011. She was also adamant that there should be no North American beer brands in room. She wanted only best quality European lager beer brands.

The boys of One Direction -- Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles and Niall Horan -- provided concert promoters for their 2015 sold-out shows a 32-page production rider, a 40-page security pan and a 23-page risk assessment report. They did not explicitly mentioned brands when they asked for items, but they wanted an assortment of local menus for their after-show, including fast-food chains KFC, In and Out and Chick Fil A. They also wanted “local GOOD pizza places” and other “inexpensive local options.” They added, “The LOCAL treats or famous joints are the best!!”