Daryl Dixon's best buddy Beth Greene might be dead in the show, but "The Walking Dead" star Norman Reedus is not. The star, who portrays the iconic character - Daryl Dixon, reportedly died not one or two, but four times in 2014. He wished his fans "Happy Holidays" and urged them not to believe the Norman Reedus death hoax news published by various tabloids.

"Happy holidays everyone! And don't believe rumors they wanna sell papers it's all bulls**t.And I also didn't die four times this year BE NICE," Norman Reedus posted on his official Facebook page.

"The Walking Dead" is taking a break after the gripping Season 5 mid-season finale. And Reedus has been using this time to connect with his fans and do some good deeds. Recently, he has designed a limited edition fan shirt/sweatshirt and a portion of proceeds go to The Felix Organisation.

Reedus also promoted his limited edition fan shirt/sweatshirt on his Reddit AMA. "The Walking Dead" star answered the questions put up by his fans during the Reddit AMA.

A fan asked him about "Silent Hill" and how Del Toro and Kojima approached him. "im super excited to be a part of that . both those guys are geniuses at what they do . we haven't shot the heavy stuff yet. kojima approached me right after guillermo did," Reedus replied.

Another fan asked about Andrew Lincoln's beard and if it is still in his fridge. Reedus replied that the beard is in his fridge.

"you are amazing! and yes i still got that bag o beard in the fridge. im going to clone him multiple times over and send and army of andys out in to the world."

Norman Reedus is, certainly, not dead but out there and will be back with "The Walking Dead" Season 5 second half in February 2015.

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