No Man's Sky
"No Man's Sky" will be released on June 21 for North America and June 22 for Europe. PlayStation Blog

When Hello Games shared that “No Man’s Sky” will feature a very vast universe, it appears that the developer was far from exaggerating. With a full cast intergalactic planets that go beyond 18 quintillion, the planets themselves are alive with their own stories and cast.

Sharing with PlayStation Blog, game creator Sean Murray stated that the team has looked into factions in the game. These have been determined via the procedurally-generated mechanics that Hello Games has created. More than just being NPCs, however, the characters can interact with the player, in that there can be trades, upgrades and even allegiances formed among the different members of the planets.

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Murray shared that there is more to NPCs that just mere characters roaming around the world of the game. Hello Games has even developed some alien languages that will go well along with the experience.

“With NPCs in ‘No Man’s Sky,’ you actually have to learn their language, they speak to you in their native tongue. The more you travel around the universe, the more you learn their language, and the more you can communicate with them,” Murray said to PlayStation Blog.

This kind of environment will surely make “No Man’s Sky” far different from the average exploratory game. Still, the game is expansive without being extremely complicated. Murray assured fans that, instead of a grammar class, it will just take deciphering codes in the form of languages to another level.

Hello Games has also revealed some new technical information for “No Man’s Sky.” Previously, the price for the game has been tagged at US$60 (approx. AU$81) according to Gamerant. The original source has been a PlayStation Blog post, which has since then been reportedly removed. As of now, the only sure release information for “No Man’s Sky” is that it will be released come June 21 for North America, and a day after on June 22 for Europe.

For players who are looking to play “No Man’s Sky” on the PC, has already announced some preorder details. As per the official GoG website for “No Man’s Sky,” the procedurally-generated galaxy title will be DRM-free on

Players who will preorder the game will get the Horizon Omega ship. This is dubbed to be bring faster engines and better guns for a smoother journey for better survival.

"No Man's Sky" trailer (Credit: YouTube/GolemDE)