No Man's Sky
"No Man's Sky" will be released on June 21 for North America and June 22 for Europe. PlayStation Blog

Fans are buzzing after Hello Games announced the release date for “No Man’s Sky.” With preorders now already live for both the PS4 and PC, other retailers have started showing off their preorder bonus offers.

At the get-go, player can choose to buy the standard edition or the Special Edition of “No Man’s Sky” for PS4 players, as detailed by the developer over the official website. On the other hand, PC players have the bundle option known as the Explorer’s Edition, which is a limited edition bundle.

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However, Attack of the Fanboy spotted GameStop’s own preorder bonuses, obtainable only via the retailer. The first is early access to the Rezosu Z65, which is a multi-tool with plasma upgrades already preinstalled. This is great for both offensive and defensive play when landing on and exploring hostile planets. Additionally, there is a starting 10,000-unit boost so that fans can explore the universe with a head start. This will give players bigger chances of getting better weapons, ships and resources ahead of everyone else instead of going straight to the grind.

Finally, GameStop also offers the Upgraded Alpha Vector Ship, again for travelling across the galaxy. This will already be upgraded with lasers, or for those who are in a hurry to hop off from one planet to the next, can also make use of the hyperdrive.

To get the bonuses, “No Man’s Sky” fans will need to preorder via GameStop. They will then receive codes via email two days following the game’s launch on June 21. It will be better for player to get their copies in stores, as the codes will be printed on the receipt upon pickup.

“No Man’s Sky” is currently limited for rollout on the PS4 and PC. As such, Mac users may again be feeling left out due to the lack of definitive release of the game on this platform. MacWorld managed to get a quick guide on how PC players can run “No Man’s Sky” on Mac, which is basically installing and running Windows on Mac. This will allow Mac players to play “No Man’s Sky” as a Windows-compatible software on the Mac.

The guide, seen here, can actually let players run Windows 8 or 10 on any Mac device. This is through the use of Boot Camp or VMware. This runs best for Mac computers that already have Intel processors, so most recently released Mac devices can do this.

As far as news on an official Mac version of “No Man’s Sky,” Hello Games has not made any announcements. Even an Xbox One is not yet in the cards; in fact, back in 2014, there has been a report that the developer is not even considering the platform for launch.

"No Man's Sky" gameplay trailer (Credit: YouTube/IGN)