No Man's Sky
"No Man's Sky" has four pillars that players can engage them to fully enjoy the game. PlayStation

Explore. Fight. Trade. Survive.

These are the pillars with which players can truly enjoy “No Man’s Sky.” And in the new trailer, seen below, developer Hello Games tries to showcase how each aspect adds to the overall appeal of the game, staring with Explore.

In “No Man’s Sky,” players will have 18 quintillion planets to work with. Each of these has their own variety of fauna, flora and environment. From the scenic snapshots in the cockpit of the spaceship in the video, players can already see the richness and diversity of worlds.

There’s a planet that looks like a barren wasteland of ice and frost. Another one features a rather lush meadow with unique red plants and what may look like cactus at first glance. In another, it’s nighttime, and all the different, oddly-shaped plants give an eerie silhouette to the night sky.

There’s even one that showcases bulbous-looking plants with smoke coming from inside them. Think of an onion crossed with a Venus fly trap—just look at that ominous top that’s shaped like a jagged mouth.

“With more than 18 quintillion planets to be explored across billions of miles of space, there’s plenty to be seen in ‘No Man’s Sky.’ As the discoverer of flora, fauna and even planets, you’ll be able to name your discoveries and claim them to be seen by fellow space pioneers,” said Sony’s Josh Sepielli on the PlayStation Blog.

Hello Games was going for limitless variety not only in the surroundings, but also in the inhabitants of the planets. From dinosaur-looking creatures to an ape-like lone creature walking in the night, there’s enough to discover and then some.

“No Man’s Sky” pretty much allows the player to make the entire universe his own playground. The adventure is already beginning even though the game hasn’t officially launched yet.

The developer will be rolling out more videos, which will discuss the remaining pillars in “No Man’s Sky.” Before the game is launched on Aug. 9, players will get to see more of what it means to fight, trade and survive in the game.

"No Man's Sky'' Explore trailer (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)