Pokken Tournament
"Pokken Tournament" arcade version is getting Darkrai as a new fighter. Bandai Namco

The next fighter for “Pokken Tournament” has been revealed. This time, the game will see a new Legendary added to the game.

A new trailer, seen below, shows the Legendary Darkrai in action in the game. Bandai Namco and The Pokemon Company also showed off the different powers of the additional fighter. According to DualShockers, Darkrai can fire off ghoulish black flames at the enemy either via mid- or long-range.

Some of its other attacks feature the same purple-and-black force that takes various shapes. In one scene, it envelops the opponent in a sphere of the ghoulish force. In another, it traps the enemy as the force shapes into claws, before it explodes in a ball of power.

Darkrai is currently only coming to the Japanese arcades version on July 20. As far as the other platforms for “Pokken Tournament” is concerned, no other confirmations have been made.

Serebii added that the arcade version will also be getting a lot of the Wii U’s stages for “Pokken Tounament.” In addition, there will be a new mode, dubbed the Mission Panel. This will allow players to access and conquer different mission objectives for a limited time. Doing so will unlock different boosts and updates.

Finally, other cosmetics in the form of clothing items will also debut in the “Pokken Tournament,” though these cosmetics and other updates are currently only confirmed for the arcade version.

There is still hope since Darkrai is one of the Pokemon that has been data-mined for the Wi U version of the game. The Legendary Pokemon was spotted alongside Empoleon and Scizor, so an official announcement from the developer may just be in the pipeline.

“Pokken Tournament” recently got an update in June, which delivered a handful of gameplay improvements, detailed over the official "Pokken Tournament" website. For those who have yet to go back to the game and install it, the game will require 367MB of space in the Wii U console memory or a separate USB media for those who may not have enough space.

"Pokken Tournament" Darkrai trailer (Credit: YouTube/Bandai Namco)