No Man's Sky
"No Man's Sky" managing director Sean Murray clears up PS4 framerate issues with the game. No Man's Sky official website

“No Man’s Sky” is promising to a big hit among gamers, and it’s all thanks to the unique way that it spins the idea of space exploration. Given the vastness of the game, new gameplay footages and demos are welcomed by the community at all times.

One such new video features Hello Games’ Sean Murray himself, who talks a little about the game with PlayStation’s Anthony Carboni. Featured on PlayStation Blog, the video shows off some more of the activities that players can do on an island—including harming a few alien life along the way.

“A big part of it is exploration. That’s the thing that most people understand, but what that means is really different in any other game,” said Murray. What he means by this is that the planets that players will go through will essentially be deserted, with little chances of running into players physically or through their memories via left traces of habitation or change in the planet landscape.

Murray gives a pretty good description of what awaits players in “No Man’s Sky,” and that is a “choose your own adventure” approach. Showing off a new gameplay in a familiar snow-covered terrain, Murray showed that players can randomly do actions that may actually help or harm them.

In this case, sleeping in front of what appears to be a relic with alien writing on it will restore the player’s health as he sleeps. What this means is that players should not just get ready to explore the different planets, but also learn how they can maneuver through them. Carboni also brought up an interesting question as to how this choose-your-adventure works. Instead of sleeping and being healed by the relic, Murray confirmed that doing something nasty to the relic may have caused harm to the individual.

There is a learning process for players, where they will need to know the rules of each planet—and there are 18 quintillion planets where players can do this very thing. This is a pretty neat way for players to go about “No Man’s Sky.” The choices presented are so open, that players may follow what and how they really want to be as players: bad, good, or somewhere in between.

As seen in previous gameplay clips for “No Man’s Sky,” the change in day to night can also be seen here. Murray also runs through a few of the mechanics that players will have to adhere to, such as taking damage from the environment, hence the need to hunt or create new technology that can protect the player.

This is not the only new recent video on “No Man’s Sky.” IGN had also released a new video, this time showcasing the idea of crafting in the game. Murray also shows off the inventories that one can have, which is essentially three: via the player’s suit, the weapon and the ship. All of the slots in these inventories can be used to store resources.

The video, seen below, shows off a glimpse of another planet. There’s a quick segment for mining some resources, which is necessary for to ensure that the player survives in terms of recharging shields and suits, as well as having ammo. As a quick tip for excited players, even asteroids even have good resources, so blasting through them is not just about being trigger-happy.

"No Man's Sky" gameplay trailer (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)