Street Fighter V
"Street Fighter V" will have a DLC that will showcase the F-16. Capcom

Players of “Street Fighter V” will get a new update for April, and it will introduce a new character. Franchise veteran and returning character Guile will be part of the roster as a free addition.

He is one of the most known characters in the “Street Fighter” universe, as he is one of the known faces of the eight World Warriors in “Street Fighter II.” Sony also revealed via the PlayStation Blog that Guile will launch with his own set of Trials and Character story, while his Battle Costume come alongside the Season Pass.

What’s interesting here is that Guile has been long connected to Nash, who had been his mentor and friend in “Street Fighter.” Given that Nash has made his own comeback in “Street Fighter V” with a new look and background, it would interesting to see how Guile’s own character will be changed based on his mentor.

As far as fighting is concerned, Guile will still have strengths both on-ground and above-ground. His use of Sonic Boom and Somersault Kick is accentuated by the ability to enter a crouch walk state, which is known as Faultless Move. This will supposedly boost his range of attacks even more.

His V-Skill is called the Sonic Blade, which brings forth a stationary projectile to also increase the power of his Sonic Booms. The V-Trigger, on the other hand, will allow Guile to deliver continuous Sonic Booms. The speed of the Sonic Booms will depend on the button-combination, giving the player control over how to use the sequence to overpower the enemy.

The first DLC for “Street Fighter V” will also feature Guile’s Air Fore Base. Seen in the screenshot above, the F-16 will be revamped, but players can expect some familiar faces in the background. There are two ways to get the new stage. Season Pass holders can already get it for free, while those who prefer working for their DLCs can get it for 70,000 Fight Money.

Apart from the in-game updates, Capcom has also doled some new system improvements, starting with the Rage Quit System. This has been a problem for some “Street Fighter V” players who quit and disconnect from online matches when they are usually on the verge of losing. The new system will punish rage quitters, essentially locking them out of matchmaking for a time period. This will come alongside an in-game message notification.

Additionally, there are some matchmaking improvements to ease the load of waiting for battles in Battle Lounges in the online component of “Street Fighter V.” Even players in Europe and across the globe will now experience fewer issues related to finding opponents online.

In related “Street Fighter V” news, one player has finally reached the Diamond rank for the game online. According to Event Hubs, one Arturo Sanchez, with the handle “TS|Sabin” in the game, managed to attain the new rank as the top player in “Street Fighter V.” The source stated that he had surpassed the 14,040 LP mark on the leaderboards using Dhalsim.

"Street Fighter V" Nash trailer (Credit: YouTube/Street Fighter)