Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch, a new gaming device, is seen in this undated image released by Nintendo October 21, 2016. Reuters/Nintendo/Handout

The Nintendo NES Classic Edition is already sold out and this has made fans furious. However, the Nintendo Switch console is slated to be released in March 2017 and that too will cause a spur in demand. Even though the Nintendo Switch is just months away from release, fans have taken a grab at the NES Classic Edition, which calls for a comparison.

As per The Guardian, the Nintendo NES Classic Edition quenched fans’ nostalgic thirst as the throwback device is a miniature version of the Nintendo Entertainment System from 1985. It sold out within hours of going on sale on stores as well as online shops. The revamped console brought back to life 30 immensely popular retro games from that era.

The Nintendo NES Classic Edition games included the first three "Super Mario Bros" titles, "The Legend Of Zelda,” "Pac-Man," "Donkey Kong” and "Final Fantasy." The simple yet charming device sports only USB, HDMI and controller ports. Thus, those who have experienced 80s gaming may very well choose to buy this console.

This however, should not affect the sale of Nintendo Switch, as it is still one of the most anticipated consoles. The release of the Nintendo Switch teaser video made fans go berserk, proving its massive popularity. Fans were relieved as earlier reports had suggested that Nintendo may miss the March 2017 release date.

The video also inspired fans more as it was able to keep up with fan expectation. The video showcased what the Nintendo Switch console is capable of doing. The console may act as a home docked device that can also be played solo or with a partner. Multiple players may take part in a single game and the console can also be used on-the-go.

The Nintendo Switch can also connect to others of its kind. CNET has stated that the console won’t be as expensive as its competitors and could cost up to US$250 (AU$335).

Meanwhile, in terms of graphics, the Nintendo NES Classic Edition has given the old games a revamped look. This has increased the console’s appeal. As per Nintendo, the NES Classic Edition is available at an introductory price of US$59.99 (AU$80).

While Nintendo NES Classic Edition brings back memories from the past, Nintendo Switch is the future. Both tend to different needs of a gamer.