The NES Classic Edition is currently one of the hottest items in the console world. YouTube/Nintendo

The NES Classic Edition, which is the company’s remake of its iconic Nintendo Entertainment System from 1985, was sold out almost from various stores and online retailers almost as soon as the units went on sale. But while the device rides mainly on a nostalgic thirst, the console does offer more than that.

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The device was selling in retail for only US$60 (AU$80) and brings back to life as much as 30 retro games. Included in the roster are “Donkey Kong,” various “Mario” titles, “Bubble Bobble,” “Final Fantasy” and “The Legend Of Zelda.” However, the current list of games will not expand as the NES Mini is a solid device that has no moving parts or additional connectivity ports. It also does not connect to WiFi or Bluetooth.

The console does have certain features that definitely improve on the original NES. Each game can now be saved, with four slots allotted per game. The new NES Classic Edition also optimised older graphics to become sharper and brighter in modern television sets. Reports also indicate that there have been no issues with the console's emulator.

Furthermore, the operating system that runs on the NES Mini is simple and effective. The menu is streamlined and available upon booting up the device. Players will also get the opportunity to shift easily from various presentation modes -- 4:3, 16:9 and CRT filter. The CRT filter, in particular, provides minimal and pixelated graphics with extra definition.

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The downfall -- if it can be considered as one -- is that the NES Classic Edition is exactly as it promises to be without any surprises. It caters to gamers that have been longing to play with the titles that they grew up with but with some modern and necessary updates. It definitely does not have the power and innovations that the PlayStation 4 Pro or Nintendo Switch provide, it does feel very much like a working collector's item.