A poster of HBO's TV series "The Night of"
A poster of HBO's TV series "The Night of" Facebook/The Night of

The finale episode of “The Night Of” TV series is expected to reveal the fate of Naz. Back in prison Freddy will prepare the young murder accused for the worst possible outcome. It is not clear if the real killer will be revealed in episode 8.

[Spoiler alert]

The state has already presented its case. The defence lawyers have shared new evidence in front of the jury and pointed out the gaps in the investigation by questioning Sergeant Box (Bill Camp) on the stand. Now, if there isn’t any new witness or evidence to share by either the state of the defence; it is time for the closing arguments. The jury will later deliberate and come up with a verdict.

In the preview of the finale episode, posted on the YouTube channel of HBO, Freddy (Michael Kenneth Williams) prepares Naz (Riz Ahmed) by telling him that if the verdict is not what he expects; life in prison isn’t so bad.

Naz’s lawyer Chandra (Amara Karan) will visit him once again in “The Night Of” finale episode. The two had previously kissed, but the lawyer came to regret it immediately. Will they share another intimate moment together before the verdict?

Jack Stone’s (John Turturro) voice over in the promo video states that Naz wore a cloak of presumed innocence when he walked into the courtroom. But the brutal murder case photos and the young man’s physical transformation over time may also affect the jury.

According to the synopsis of episode 8 there will be a “controversy surrounding the defence” and this will put Jack “in the spotlight.” Are we heading for a mistrial or will something new related to the case be revealed?

The preview video of “The Night Of” finale episode shows the state prosecutor preparing all the evidence for the jury. So, the viewers will get another walkthrough of what really happened on that fateful night.

Credit: YouTube/ HBO