A poster of HBO's TV series "The Night of"
A poster of HBO's TV series "The Night of" Facebook/The Night of

Naz is going to spend his first day in prison in “The Night of” episode 3, a preview video of the episode reveals. A big new character will be introduced in the next episode, who will want to meet with the young man. Meanwhile, Bill Camp spoke about his character Dennis Box in a recent interview.

[Spoiler alert]

A scared Naz (Riz Ahmed) can be seen walking towards his cell as all the other prisoners look at him from above, observing the new inmate. When an officer in the prison asks if he fears for his life he asks her in turn if he should be.

Naz is part of a line of prisoners who appear to be entering a court room. The young man will get to see his parents again, but it is not clear if he will get to speak to them. He will once again be asked a series of questions about the murder, including the question about his motive for the murder. He still maintains that he didn’t kill the victim.

A big new character will be introduced in “The Night of” episode 3. One of the officers at the prison can be seen approaching Naz and telling him that someone wants to see him. Upon enquiring who it is; the officer simply points to an open cell on the first floor.

The lawyer Jack Stone (John Turturro) continues to fight for his client. In one of the scenes from the next episode, Jack can be seen telling someone that Naz is a “good kid.”

Meanwhile, Box (Bill Camp) continues to investigate the case. In an interview with HBO, Camp said that deep down his character is a good cop, but years of service have taken a toll on him.

“Dennis Box has the ability to play both sides of that card. He’s not a super nice guy all the time,” Camp said, Medium reports. The actor also said that his character is a “beast” in terms of knowing what it takes to get as much information as possible in order to find the “real perpetrator.” More details about the murder and the trial will be revealed in “The Night of” episode 3.

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