IN PHOTO Participants wearing superhero costumes pose for photographers during the World DC Comics Super Heroes gathering in Manila April 18, 2015. To celebrate the anniversary of the publication of the very first Superman story, DC Comics are asking fans to help set a new world record for the largest global gathering of people dressed as DC Comics Super Heroes. REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

Super girls have ultimately arrived. DC comics have teamed up with Warner Bros and Mattel to launch “DC comics Super Hero Girls” aimed at the teenage girl demographic from 6 to 12 years. The new super heroes would début this year end and would depict the formative years of established Super heroes and villains.

From this year comic book enthusiasts can see the teenage versions of Wonder Women, Harley Quinn, Bat Girl, bumble Bee and other super heroes as teenagers. According to DC Comics (via Variety) “these characters would help to explore the beginnings of superheroes-before they discovered their powers and abilities.” Every character would have their individual trajectory and unique process where their super abilities are identified, understood and nurtured. The multi-platform experience would include comics, TV specials, toys, apparel, books and other product experiences.

DC Comics would have Mattel as their master toy franchisee with Warner Bros managing the narratives and digital experience platforms. The stakes are high for Mattel which would lose its Disney Princess license to Hasbro at the end of this year. Random house would be the publishing partner and Lego would design the building sets for the line.

The focus of the DC Super Girl franchise would be to inspire and engage girls to help to develop strong characters to identify with. This announcement comes at a time when there is a call for an all-inclusive universe in the super hero franchise. According to CNBC, the teenage demographic has become more lucrative and the arrival of the independent and rebel girl has been noticed.

But there have been sceptics who have decried the move as mere eyewash. According to Forbes, this amounted to the creation of a “Pink Justice league.” Many argue that instead of creating a new parallel universe it is important to include girls and women in the existing one. This includes creating characters which stand out, just like Captain Marvel. But in a universe where men fight villains and women are highly sexualized sidekicks, many have welcomed this move.

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