A new weapon has been spotted for "Overwatch." Blizzard

Ever since Sombra was mentioned by developer Blizzard, “Overwatch” fans have been on edge when it comes to when and how this hero will arrive in the game. It doesn’t help that Blizzard has also recognised the players’ enthusiasm for looking for clues and hinted that there’s more in relation to the still unreleased hero.

This time, if a new teaser via Twitter is to be considered, then Blizzard may be teasing Sombra as a new upcoming hero. While Sombra was not named outright, the teaser suggests that the rifle will make use of Mercy’s biotic healing mechanism. The weapon can supposedly be equipped by medics in the field.

Sombra had also been previously tagged as a support fighter, so it is possible that she will be wielding this weapon. It is also possible that this is for a new weapon and not a hero. Check out the teased bionic rifle in the image above.

In the meantime, Blizzard has also released the patch notes for the update that has gone live on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Over at Battle.net, the new patch has adjusted the duration of the Sudden Death mechanic for Competitive Play on the PC. The adjustment was executed across all of the maps, from the original one minute 45 seconds to different times ranging from a minute and 30 seconds to as long as a minute and 50 seconds. Only Hollywood’s Sudden Death duration was unchanged.

Another major notable change is the fixed issue of “leave” penalties still being rolled out in Competitive Play even when a player rejoins the match and completes it. However, Blizzard noted that leaving a match more than three times will still receive the leave penalty even upon completion.

The full patch notes can be seen in the link above. Other minor issues in Competitive Play, especially those that involve leaving the game and rejoining matches that result in wins.