3A is following up their Titan figure from 2015 with Hunters and Warlocks figure. 3A

Test run has already commenced for new matchmaking settings in “Destiny.” Bungiie has confirmed that the latest slew of improvements for the Crucible is already accessible to some players to test it out before a full rollout to the community.

In a new blog post via the official Bungie website, the developer lets Senior Designer Derek Carroll take the reins on how the new changes will influence the gameplay.

According to the senior designer, the new settings will allow those who are at the extreme ends of the skill curve to have shorter matchmaking times. However, Internet connection will still play a primary role in the search.

“The changes we’re implementing will make playlists more responsive to the overall composition of the player population. As Matchmaking times shorten, you may encounter players across a wider range of skill,” said Carroll in the blog.

Beyond the game, there’s also a new update on toy creator 3A regarding the follow-up to last year’s “Destiny” Titan figure. According to official 3A website, the creator will release Warlock and Hunter figures, each with three variations of the figure.

Both of the figures will stand at 12.6 inches. The 3A store, Bungie store and a couple of retailers will be selling the figure. The expected price point is at US$190 (approx. AU$250). Each of the retailers will have their specific editions. In Australia, stores that are listed as 3A Retail Assortments include Anime Exchange and EB Games.

The 3A Edition of the Hunter, seen above, features a rather clean look of dirty gold and white. Each figure also has particular included items. The Hunter mentioned above features a Chatterwhite Shade, the Shattered Vault Cloak, a standard shell Ghost, four weapons namely the Imago Loop hand Cannon, the Broken Truth-LR1 Sniper Rifle, the Dowager SA/3 Heavy Rocket Launcher and the Ice Breaker Sniper Rifle and finally it also has two pairs of interchangeable hands.

The report confirmed that the new figures will go live on different dates. Preorders for the Warlock will be available on July 7, while the Hunter will come a little later on July 21.