Nintendo 2DS XL
The new Nintendo 2DS XL has just been unveiled. YouTube/Nintendo

The New Nintendo 2DS XL has just received a local release date and price. On the release date front, the handheld console will be made available on June 15, which puts it ahead of the June 28 release date for the U.S. There’s also good news in terms of pricing, as the price point is at $199.95. This is considered to be a rather reasonable price — shipping costs and everything in between taken into consideration — as the U.S. $150 price translates to $201 in Australia.

The first iteration of the 2DS was introduced back in 2013. Considered an entry-level alternative to the Nintendo 3DS, the 2DS most notably had the 3D feature pulled out. As Polygon reported at the time, this was due to the fact that the 2D’s target market catered to a younger audience. Since the 3D functionality posed some potential eye health concerns, it was ultimately removed. Regardless, Nintendo 3DS games can still be played on the 2DS.

As per Nintendo’s announcement, the 2DS XL will feature screens enlarged by 82% as compared to its predecessor. Its design is similar to that of the 3DS XL’s, save for the obvious 3DS functionality. Furthermore, the 2DS XL will also have built-in Amiibo support, allowing players to enjoy Amiibo features in compatible games. On top of that, the Amiibo feature will also allow access to bonus items and content for Amiibo figures in compatible titles. On the topic of games, the new and improved handheld game console supports titles for the Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS and even some Nintendo DS games, all in 2D.

Another added function to the tweaked 2DS is the addition of the C Stick, which will allow for improved controls and even intuitive camera control. The 2DS XL also features a fast processor which translates to much shorter loading times for players.

Nintendo’s DS range first launched with the original DS system in 2005. Its legacy later expanded to a vast line of successors, including the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS, and the recently announced Nintendo 2DS XL. Popular titles released on these systems include the “Ace Attorney” series, several games under the “Pokemon” franchise and enhanced iterations of some fan-favourite “The Legend of Zelda” games.