'New Girl' S06E12
Jess (Zooey Deschanel) is stunned upon learning Robby's total medical expenses on 'New Girl' S06E12. Fox/New Girl

Cece (Hannah Simone) encounters her first real problem as a model manager, Reagan (Megan Fox) is pressured to read Nick’s (Jake Johnson) book while Jess (Zooey Deschanel) is desperate to pay Robby’s (Nelson Franklin) medical bills on “New Girl” season 6, episode 12 (New Girl 6x12).

Spoiler alert: This recap contains plot details about season 6 of “New Girl.” The sixth season premiered Sept. 20. The show is available in Australia via Tenplay.

Cece is now a bonafide model manager and helps her first client, Donovan (Trent Garrett), land a gig. Donovan used to be a bartender at Nick’s pub but is now the face of LAPD’s recruitment campaign. Schmidt (Max Greenfield) books Donovan for a company commercial but Donovan has a change of heart, saying he wants to be a cop all of a sudden.

Fortunately, Cece convinces Donovan to continue pursuing a modelling career just in time for him to show up at the shoot. Back at their new pad, Schmidt surprises his wife with her very own fully furnished office.

Jess offers to pay Robby’s hospital bills, blaming herself for the injuries he sustained on “Ready” (New Girl 6x06). Robby initially presents Jess with a smaller bill but she insists on the real one. When he finally tells her that the overall total amounts to US$200,000 (AU$271,000), Jess is stunned.

Jess sells some of her stuff to earn money but it isn’t enough. Nick recommends suing the gym where Robby got injured, but Robby doesn’t like the idea. Jess insists and convinces Robby to seek some legal advice, but the lawyer tells him to sue Jess instead. They eventually talk things over. Robby insists on footing the bill and Jess promises to knit him lots of scarfs.

Nick has finally finished his novel and Reagan is apparently the only one in the loft who hasn’t read it. Nick, fearing Reagan won’t like his work, hesitantly hands it to her and she uncomfortably accepts it, hinting that she may have been trying to avoid reading it in the first place. They both try to dodge each other in order to avoid talking about the novel.

When Reagan finally decides to read it, she falls asleep while doing so. She tells Nick that she doesn’t like fiction because it puts her to sleep. Nick tells her that it’s okay and they finally snap out of their awkward predicament.

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