Host Arnold Schwarzenegger participates in a panel for "The New Celebrity Apprentice" in Universal City, California, December 9, 2016. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

“The New Celebrity Apprentice” season 15 is returning on the small screen and Arnold Schwarzenegger has replaced Donald Trump on the show. As Schwarzenegger steps into Trump’s shoes, he will need a new catchphrase instead of using Trump’s famous final words, “You’re fired.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger will replace Trump's famous final words

While talking to TODAY’s Matt Lauer, Schwarzenegger made the revelation. The actor and former California governor said that he will replace Trump’s famous final words in “The New Celebrity Apprentice” season 15. He already has few options in mind, including “you’re terminated,” “hasta la vista, baby,” “hit the road,” “consider this a divorce,” and “get to the chopper.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger about taking Donald Trump’s place

US President-elect Donald Trump who has been hosting the show for many seasons will not anchor “The New Celebrity Apprentice” season 15. However, he will remain a part of the show as an executive producer. Although he will not take part in the day-to-day functioning of “The New Celebrity Apprentice” season 15, he will still get his salary for the role.

“I think it’s perfectly fine that he has executive producer credit because he created the show with Mark Burnett together, so why should his credit go?,” Schwarzenegger said. “He made it very clear that he has no interest in being involved. It is now my show, I’m the host, I’m the new boss and I’m going to run this show.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger said that Trump played a big role in getting him on board

Schwarzenegger said that Trump played a major role in getting him on show as the host and quipped that it was a part of his presidential campaign. “He was part of the negotiations, so I get millions of dollars for hosting the show, but NBC doesn’t have to pay for it — Trump makes Mexico pay for it! I mean, isn't that great?,” he said.

Arnold Schwarzenegger asked people not to vote for him during the elections

Schwarzenegger, who is a staunch Republican himself, said that that he never supported Trump in the presidential elections and instead asked people to vote for other candidates. At the same time, Schwarzenegger said that he has no qualms in working with him.

“Now he’s elected, and now it is very important that we all support the president, and that we all come together and we stop whining and it becomes one nation,” he said.

“The New Celebrity Apprentice” season 15 will air on NBC on Jan. 2 at 8PM ET in the US. The reality show will be filmed this year in Los Angeles, California. It is uncertain as of now if “The New Celebrity Apprentice” season 15 will air in Australia.