NBI arrests suspected seller of drugs at CloseUp Forever Summer concert with ‘green amore’ pills

By @vitthernandez on
Ecstasy Tablets
Ecstasy tablets seized at the Belem International Airport are seen in the Brazilian Federal Revenue office in Belem, located at the mouth of the Amazon River, February 20, 2011. Reuters/Paulo Santos

The Philippine National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is moving closer to identifying the substance that victims of the CloseUp Summer Forever concert took which killed them.

The NBI arrested on Friday a man suspected to selling the drugs to concert attendees. Joshua Habalo was apprehended inside a hotel in Pasay City with different kinds of illegal drugs.

Rappler reports that seized from Habalo were Ecstasy tablets, packets of cocaine and three green-coloured tablets which are possibly a designer drug, green amore. It mixes Ecstasy, methamphetamine and Cialis, which is used for treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Taking green amore would cause insomnia, loss of appetite and hypersexuality. FHM reports that it is also called Fly High, an MDMA drug which could be tainted with adulterants, ranging from shabu to chemicals because of its unregulated status.

MDMA drugs are the 18th most dangerous drugs out of 20 studied by a 2009 research, according to David Nutt, a British neuropsychopharmacologist. Number one is heroin, number two is cocaine, number five is alcohol and number nine is tobacco – substances that a lot of youth love to ingest.

Habalo admits he was in the concert and high on Ecstasy but denied he sold the drugs caught in his possession. He says he does not know any of the five victims. Habalo claims he stayed at the Mall of Asia, where the event was held, from 1 through 2:30 am only.

He gave the NBI 10 names of groups who allegedly sold drugs at the concert. He was slated for inquest proceedings on May 28 for illegal drug charges.